Kitchen Cabinet in Bangalore

Sleek, the Specialist in standard kitchens, bring you the most recent and also the best in room cupboards, chimneys, ovens, fittings, trolleys and additional.

is one amongst the foremost important components of your home sort of a heart of body and its interiors area unit the maximum amount necessary as alternative rooms area unit. We’ve range of years expertise in providing manufacturer of standard room services in urban center, Pune, Chennai, and metropolis.

The design of a room will modification your life. If you think that that’s a tall claim, then you simply have to be compelled to investigate a Sleek International. From the foremost innovative and stress-free storage concepts, to extremely advanced room appliances, and fittings that have created practicality as sleek as will be. The recent kaddapa structures of a civil room have created method for with efficiency finished cupboards fabricated from marine ply, that offer the room a superbly finished look, Kitchen Cabinet in Bangalore besides being water-proof. cupboards on the walls provide ample area for storage, with the corners place to sensible use similarly.

The pioneer in wires baskets (kitchen trolleys), Sleek, The room Specialist has evolved the room trolley car styles as per the necessity of the dynamic  generation. Today, room trolleys within the Sleek stable have such howling innovations just like the swivel larder unit, magic corners, European cutlery unit and underneath sink units.

Grass star professional baskets realize favour with the discerning woman of the house WHO values modern-day practicality. room fittings from Grass just like the soft-closing mechanism and also the Kinvaro lift-up flaps for overhead units are also massively standard. Once seen, you’d never wish anything.

Besides the cupboards and trolleys, Sleek contains a whole vary of room style concepts like inventive backsplashes, junction rectifier lighting, floating shelves, etc. to not mention the impressive vary of room shutters which will leave you spoilt for selection. The new element shutter vary from Sleek is unrivalled to the other whole, and you have got to ascertain it to believe it.

Lastly, to not miss out on the appliances, Sleek’s vary of room hobs, ovens, chimneys and sinks area unit thorough. From five-burner hobs to induction hobs, free-standing room chimneys to ornamental chimneys, from constitutional room ovens to the classic vary of sinksâEUR¦ you will find all of them here.

So, if you’re progressing to revamp your room, make certain to envision out Sleek, The room Specialist, at your nearest Sleek outlet. You’d adore it most definitely!

Sleek, the Specialist in standard Kitchen Cabinet in Bangalore, bring you the most recent and also the best in room cupboards, chimneys, ovens, fittings, trolleys and additional.


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